Contact the Welcoming Committee if you know someone new in town. We will introduce ourselves and give them a Welcoming Packet containing general information about Allendale, as well as information about the Allendale Newcomers & Neighbors Club.

New in Town? Please check our “Community Links” for links to other Allendale clubs and institutions.

The “Welcoming Packet” can be found here:
Welcoming Packet (Sept 2017)

Alternatively you can download the packet pages of your interest:
“Welcome to Allendale” letter from ANNC Presidents
ANNC Membership Application
ANNC Upcoming Events list
ANNC Playgroups Flyer
Holiday Observers Upcoming Events
Hillside & Brookside School Calendar
Allendale Recreation Fields Map
Allendale Recreation Commission (ARC Sports)
Celery Farm Map
Borough of Allendale Newsletter with Garbage Collection Schedule
Dog and Cat License Application
Important Phone Numbers
Early History of Allendale by Patricia Webb Wardell

For more information about the Welcoming Committee, please email ANNC at